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How wonderful to read Areli's story, following the series by my sister about our neighborhood in East Hollywood! I lived for many years in Venice, where I raised my children and remember having glimpses of Oaxaca in the area. Later, one of my favorite trips was to Oaxaca, guided by friends with long experience and great respect for the people and the place. I'm very grateful to have this deeper understanding of the people, the rituals, and the history of two more areas that have so enriched my life.

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Nov 2Liked by Ali Rachel Pearl

Dear Areli! You are a great and wonderful Teacher. I learned so much about not only the Oaxacanian (sp?) traditions but the traditions that have grown from your lives here in California. I traveled in Oaxaca in 1979 and '80. The beauty and complexity of the culture was evident even then to my young eyes, but you have brought even more layers of understanding to us through your writing. I'm looking forward to the series! Keep Teaching!!

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